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Due to its high level of calcium and superior neutralising value, this quality lime is a perfect soil conditioner that will help reduce soil acidity and will provide your soil with the calcium that it requires. By applying Maryvale Lime, opportunity for essential plant nutrients is increased, with improvements in plant health and growth being continually achieved.

Where do we source MARYVALE Lime?

Maryvale Lime is renowned for being one of the highest quality Ag Limes in Victoria. Originating from the Australian Paper Manufacturing in Maryvale, its production process allows for consistent, predictable high-quality fine ground limestone for years to come.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Increases PH of the soil
  • Increases Calcium levels of soil
  • Decreases high levels of Magnesium
  • Decreases high levels of Aluminium
  • Decreases high levels of Sodium
  • Reduces Aluminium and Manganese Toxicities
  • Decreases soil compaction which improves soil structures, plant root depth and plant health.
  • Increases pasture growth
  • Increase Yield and Production
  • Reduces Soil Acidity
  • Increase Soil Calcium Levels
  • Improves Nutrient Availability and Efficiency of Fertilisers
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Reduces Aluminium and Manganese Toxicities

Maryvale Lime Typical Analysis

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