Diammonium Phosphate (D.A.P)


  • High analysis source of phosphorus.
  • N:P ratio of 1:1 makes it an effective source of nitrogen.
  • DAP releases free ammonium. Nitrogen in the ammonium form resists leaching and is a slower release form of nitrogen.
  • The free ammonium gives a higher pH reaction immediately around the granule.
  • The low cost of nitrogen in DAP makes it a cost effective source of nitrogen if Phosphorus is also required.


One of the major cropping fertilisers used in Australia as a source of both phosphorus and nitrogen. The high phosphorus content makes it a true high analysis fertiliser. DAP and DAP blends are used on a range of crops in broad-acre farming, cereals, sugar cane, sowing pastures, dairy pastures, fodder crops and also in horticultural crops; for example, vegetables and tree crops.