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Our fertiliser and soil amendment solutions combined with our state-of-the-art bulk spreading equipment help farmers and growers increase their crop & pasture yield, quality and profitability.

Serving Gippsland Farmers and Growers Since 1953

Built on our strong heritage, Gibsons Groundspread are Victoria’s leading agricultural distributor and spreader of custom-blended bulk fertiliser, lime and compost. We are dedicated to serve the individual needs of farmers and growers. Combining the latest technology, equipment and our 70+ years experience we’ve developed a wide range of innovative solutions and services to provide farmers with the tools and resources to achieve improved crop and pasture performance.

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Our Products

Compost Compost

Our exclusive Gibson Groundspread recycled compost products, including Revive Recycled Compost and the Revive Plus Range, feature premium soil amendment solutions designed to improve the structure of your soil, increase its organic content, and elevate water and nutrient retention levels.

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Lime Lime

We mine, bulk sell, deliver and spread high quality aglime and dolomitic limestone, the ideal soil conditioner with superior neutralising and calcium rich capabilities, assisting in the reduction of soil acidity and increase of essential plant nutrients in the soil.

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Fertilisers Fertilisers

We carry a wide range of high-quality, conventional fertlisers including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium allowing for custom formulated blends to perfectly match your farm’s specific needs.

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Our Services

Our Success Stories

On our soil tests, as we are acidic here, it’s helped straighten that up to make our soils healthier…and healthy soils grow grass.

Peter Boddy, Cattle Farm Read More
Our Success Stories

We have been trialling different compost for over 10 years, since using Revive each year it has helped build our carbon up and has made our soil much easier to manage. Its water holding abilities are great, we are probably using 25% less water.

Mark Schreurs, Leek and Vegetable Farm Read More