NPKS Reporting

At Gibsons Groundspread we provide detailed NPKS Reporting in form of a go-to booklet detailing your farm’s soil health and productivity allowing for optimum production analysis, assessments and future planning. Your NPKS report is based on recorded data of your farm’s maps and fertiliser order history for any defined period and also includes a NPKS total summary for the whole financial year. The report allows for great detail in the recording of any NPKS application per month, per paddock and individual breakdown of nutrients applied.

How does NPKS Reporting assist my farm?

Our unique NPKS Report offering, gives you the added advantage of carefully reviewing any fertiliser and soil amendment applications against your crops and plant’s performance outcomes in detail by nutrient and by month. The report is available by request at any time, allowing you to closely monitor any nutrient applications at any given time throughout the year. NPKS reporting is an essential tool in the effective and successful management of any farm, enabling you to make informed decisions together with our expert agronomists about future applications and best farm practices to increase your return on investment.

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