We understand that soil and plant requirements can vary greatly based on your region, property, paddock, season and climate. To meet the specific fertiliser needs of your farm, Gibsons Groundspread is proud to offer some of Australia’s most advanced blending services. Utilising a combination of state-of-the-art blending systems throughout our depots and our unique, Gibsons Groundspread custom-designed software, we can create any custom blend with full blending capabilities including lime, gypsum and Revive.

Our Blending Process

At Gibsons Groundspread precision and integration are key when blending fertilisers. Our highly advanced machinery features the latest precision scales. This allows 100% control of the varying ingredient weights and formulas exactly meeting soil and plant requirements.

Combined with our cutting-edge blending technology, custom fertiliser mix is integrated evenly together for an optimal outcome. With all elements working in harmony, a precise and fully-integrated custom fertiliser blend supports soil health, plant growth and quality, creating the most ideal growing conditions.

Custom Blends Based On Soil Sample Results

Work with our expert agronomist, who will accurately interpret your soil test results, analyse any soil element deficiencies and provide you with a personalised recommendation for a unique custom blend to get the most out of your soil.

Not sure of your soil and plant requirements? Learn more about our soil testing services here.

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