Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (M.A.P)


  • MAP is a high analysis source of phosphorus.
  • A cost effective granular product.
  • Low in heavy metals.
  • Good handling characteristics.
  • The nitrogen in MAP is in the ammonium form, which resists leaching and is a slower release form of nitrogen.
  • The product has an acid reaction in the soil which can be an advantage in neutral and high pH soils. Therefore MAP is used in preference to DAP on alkaline soils.


One of the major cropping fertilisers used in Australia as a source of phosphorus and nitrogen, MAP and MAP blends are used extensively in cropping systems and for sowing pastures. The low level of nitrogen makes it useful as a ‘starter’ fertiliser and as there is no free ammonia, the risk of affecting germinating seeds is minimal.